Prepare your item for shipping

Preparation of your article

Read the guide for authors that you will find on the homepage of the magazine. It contains specific requirements in reference to ethical issues, open access options, copyright and agreements with funding agencies. It also provides guidelines for preparing your article that include:

  • structure of the article
  • summary

Highlights and keywords

accepted formats for graphic material, data sources and video

Do not let your language be an obstacle

Poor English is one of the most common reasons for rejection. You can avoid it by editing or editing your manuscript. See our guide on how to verify your manuscript.

quality services and linguistic correction make sure there are no grammatical or orthographic errors in your manuscript within five working days

illustration services offer you first-class graphic support for your images and professional research

Enrich your article

Publishing to an Elsevier magazine gives you the opportunity to enrich your article with different content, such as graphic summaries, interactive maps, 3D data visualizations and multimedia material. You must prepare this content before submitting the article. Therefore, consult the Guide for authors and find out what you have available for the magazine you have chosen.

Share your research data

When preparing your manuscript, think about giving more visibility to your final article by sharing the data of your research. You can upload your research data directly with your manuscript in Mendeley Data, establish links for research data stored in repositories or jointly submit an article about methods or data. Also, you can include interactive data visualizations in your article. Check the Guide for authors of the magazine you have chosen to know what solutions you accept and prepare your files before submitting them, which will help you complete your shipment more quickly and without problems.

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